Gifting with Intention

As we welcome in a month of gift-giving and holiday parties, let’s decide - as a community - to gift with intention. The holidays are chaotic and stressful enough already, make sure the gifts you plan to give to people don’t add more stress. There are so many ways to tell a person they matter, you’re thankful for them and you love them.

What are some ways you can gift + receive with mindful intention? Here are my top 5 tips!

EXPERIENCES over things.
Some of the most cherished items in life aren't even physical objects. These days everyone could always use more time. Giving a loved one the gift of an experience or uninterrupted quality time is a truly cherished gift. For example, treat them to a nice dinner out or concert tickets from LiveNation.

Ask people what they want.
Intentional gift giving starts with connection and understanding. Cultivate an open dialogue. If you don’t have any idea what someone wants this year, ask!

Gift a consumable.
Consumables are goods that are intended to be consumed. Unlike those “last minute gifts”, giving someone something they can use proves much more valuable in the grand scheme of things! Something like a beautiful candle, luxurious beauty products or delicious coffee and teas has a lot more value because it’s something that will be used and enjoyed. Be on the lookout for my Conscious Gift Guide which will include some of my favorite conscious and consumable gifts!

Write a thoughtful card.
The written word is lost on many of us today. Writing a thoughtful handwritten note goes a long way (especially if their love language is words of affirmation). You don’t have to make the card by hand, but take your time and enjoy the experience of consciously choosing and writing a card.

Gift a memory.
If you’re still at a loss of what to give, remember all people want is to know they are loved and that they matter in your life. Maybe you and your coworker always run into each other while getting coffee and you know how much they would appreciate a hand-picked mug with their favorite coffee. Look for items that tell your story together and emphasize those memories through your gift.

As a receiver, do your best to be proactive this year! Let your loved ones know that you are trying to be more intentional + conscientious with gifts. Not only will you get something you’ll love, but it makes it easier on them!

This holiday season, let’s all commit an effort to consume more mindfully and better ourselves and the planet. The more intentional we are in gifting + receiving, the fewer materials end up unused and wasted.

How do you plan to gift with intention this holiday season? Share with me and connect on Instagram!