Less Is Always More: How to travel light


I just got back from Israel and the jet-lag is no joke. For the past 2 weeks I have been in total vacation mode and integrating back into my life here at home has been slow and steady. While reflecting on my trip and unpacking my things, I recognized the importance of the packing process while traveling.

Over the years, I have refined my packing process to a well organized system. So for this months blog post, I thought I’d share some of my favorite packing tips with you - because when traveling LESS IS ALWAYS MORE.

My tips + tools for traveling light:

  1. Packing cubes: they are non-negotiable! If you don’t already have them, what are you waiting for????? They will 100% change your life. It is so much easier to find things and keep things tidy and streamlined in your suitcase when have you these babies. 

    • The packing cubes I use are linked here

  2. Accessories: Instead of packing more clothes, bring smaller items that can shift your outfit from day to night or give it a different flare. I love bringing different sized earrings, headbands, a hat or two, etc. 

  3. Backpack, backpack (but also Fannypack): Listen, with the amount that you’ll inevitably be walking, you’ll want even weight distribution on your shoulders. Also, fanny packs are another awesome accessory to throw into the mix, and they are functional AF. 

  4. Only bring what you love: Be honest with yourself as you pack your bag. Only put in items that you truly love and feel GOOD on your body, now

    • Bring staple items - jean shorts, basic tees, etc. 

    • If you are planning to go out on the town, choose a few going out pieces that you can mix and match with other things for a night out. 

    • Bring what feels really good on your body, so you know you’ll wear it. No maybes when packing. 


    • Bring what is appropriate for the setting and climate. Check the weather! 

    • Utilize your accessories to change the dynamic of your outfits. 

  5. Leave a little wiggle room: I feel medium about souvenirs. My favorite way to bring something home from a trip (if it aligns) is to go to vintage stores, or second hand stores and find affordable items. I love recycling clothing in general as a way to be more earth conscious, and it is truly an experience to look for second hand pieces whilst abroad. That being said, that isn’t always an option depending on where you are going… SO, the next best thing is to buy something that is consumable (chocolate, coffee, etc) and enjoy the fuck out it!

  6. Extended stay: If you are planning on being somewhere for over 2 weeks with one carry on, you might decide to buy heavy toiletries at your destination. Things like shampoo and conditioner can really take up space and increase weight. 

  7. Create a travel bin: I have found it really helpful and efficient to keep a designated box or bin to keep your spare travel toiletries and miscellaneous items.  This makes it easier and more efficient to gather essentials when you’re packing for a trip and unpacking when you come!

Travel safe + remember - experiences over things my loves!