Britttty's Bungalow: Holistic Interior Styling

This summer has been such a transformational time for me and my work. This season has provided me with numerous growth opportunities that have encouraged me to establish a new vision for my brand and work identity. When creating this vision, I wanted to pick a new title that blended streamlining, organization and design. Holistic Interior Styling is where design and organization intersect. It’s the process of elevating not only the aesthetics of your space, but the quality and quantity of the items that live within it. 


As a Holistic Interior Stylist, my job is to work with you to co-create a space that is authentically you and your style. I care about what is happening in your drawers and cabinets as much as I care about the design and layout. My mentor calls me a professional “zhuzh-er” because I make things “better by way of slight adjustment.” My approach to transforming spaces in holistic in nature and addresses the big picture as much as the nooks and crannies.

As I expanded my capacity as a holistic stylist, I also expanded my clientele!  I am beyond excited to share my first official collaboration as a holistic interior stylist with wellness + lifestyle influencer @fittybritttty aka Britney Vest! We had such an amazing time co-creating her (now) stunning space!

As someone who works from home and uses my space to work in, shoot in, and has a creative job, it’s so imperative that my space reflects my personality and is a sacred space to not only come home to but to constantly be inspired by. -Britney Vest

Check out the before and after pictures featured below with some details of how we streamlined and elevated her space to its highest potential. 


Living room goalllllssss! We added baskets under her media console for extra office storage; since there was no where to store her bike - we got creative and used it as a piece of decor (yasss). We played with the layout of her adorable plants and created a fun gallery wall above her amazing Joybird couch!


Britney needed storage for all of her clothes. She had a hodgepodge of furniture and was ready to create a functional and elevated aesthetic for her bedroom. We also edited TONS of clothing and accessories out of her life so that she could easily find things and put them away.


Working with Dany has taught me so much about what I think I need and what I can actually live without

For her bedroom design we got The Gemini collection from West Elm and placed water hyacinth baskets from the container store underneath for additional storage. We also added Dream Drawer Organizers from the Container store inside all of her dresser drawers.


We streamlined her bathroom countertop and edited copious amounts of beauty products out of her life. We added drawer organizers inside of the drawers and bins inside of the cabinets. We also repurposed a piece she already had from West Elm. The Audrey entryway table became a cute area for her perfumes and now houses her make up and hair accessories. We styled her bathroom using marble and brass hooks (to hang her jewelry), a macrame from World Market, and added some art and eucalyptus as the finishing touch!


We added Interdesign Linus Deep Pantry bins from The Container Store to her pantry to make all her items easily categorized and accessible.


For more storage we got a kitchen island from CB2. For a streamlined countertop look, we also purchased The Iconics Set from Material Kitchen. We added bins and drawers dividers inside of her cabinets/drawers to keep items contained and accessible.

Danyelle D'Andrea